Report Examines How Data Used To Strengthen Primary Care, Accelerate Progress Toward UHC

IntraHealth International’s “Vital”: Primary Health Care Data Is Key to Attaining Universal Health Coverage
Allyson English, senior program associate, and Laurel Hatt, program director, both at Results for Development, discuss findings from a report examining “how data is being used to strengthen primary health care and accelerate progress toward universal health coverage (UHC)” in five countries. The authors highlight four key themes from the report: “1. Local data (as well as regional and national-level data) should be used and shared to inform priority-setting. … 2. Various data systems must be integrated with one another and provide a comprehensive view in order to move toward patient-centered care. … 3. Leveraging technology to collect, connect, and disseminate data will increase coordination and continuity of care and improve access for hard-to-reach populations. … 4. Strengthening primary health care depends not only on the generation of new data but on the better analysis and use of existing data to identify areas of weakness and develop innovative solutions” (12/12).