Fourth Industrial Revolution Technology Can Help Collect, Effectively Use Data To Achieve UHC, Opinion Piece Says

Devex: Opinion: Achieving UHC with fourth industrial revolution technology
John Sargent, co-founder of BroadReach

“…Health care leaders operating at all points along the continuum of care understand that UHC by 2030 will require them to do a lot more with the same amount of resources. Fourth Industrial Revolution, or 4IR, technology, enables more efficient, effective management and implementation of health resources and interventions — this is where much of its application to achieving UHC by 2030 can be seen today. The real catalytic potential of 4IR technology — in combination with better management of resources — is its ability to fundamentally change models of care so that patients are empowered to take greater ownership of their health care, with a focus on prevention. … [D]ata, as it relates to a health program’s operations, is an invaluable resource; it can be used to optimize the way a health program is run and thereby increase the program’s impact in communities. … Data-driven insight can provide both a broad and deep organizational oversight for leaders and — if captured in real-time and analyzed shortly thereafter, e.g. daily and weekly — it enables more dynamic management…” (12/9).