Public-Private Partnerships Play Crucial Role In Achieving Universal Access To Sanitation

Devex: Opinion: How public-private partnerships can wash away poor sanitation
Aleem Walij, chief executive officer at the Aga Khan Foundation USA

“…Sanitation is key to a healthy environment, yet access to sanitation remains far from universal. … Achieving universal access to adequate health services including decent sanitation requires local action everywhere. Such big vision improvements demand partnerships and the biggest advances demand partners from both the public and private sectors. … When it comes to … making moves toward improved sanitation — and with it improved health — public-private ventures can have a role to play. … Partners bring incentives from the private sector together with public sector vision for big changes in health. … [T]he private sector is able to bring creative solutions to financial bottlenecks, provide means for growing local assets to support toilet construction, and execute effective communication campaigns” (9/25).