Principle Of Leaving No One Behind Must Be Enshrined In SDGs

The Guardian: Sustainable development must live up to its promise to leave no one behind
Helen Dennis, senior adviser on poverty and inequality at Christian Aid

“…[A]s negotiators resume talks on the SDGs in New York this week, they should push for an agreement that enshrines the principle of leaving no one behind in the outcome document. … Christian Aid’s new briefing on leaving no one behind tries to bring the principle to life, illustrating its global importance and suggesting how governments might start to implement the idea. … The SDGs have the potential to focus policymakers’ attention on the people who are left behind in their societies. With so many women, men, and children so profoundly affected — and with less than 100 days until heads of state meet to finalize the new goals — the challenge of embedding the idea of leaving no one behind in the new development agenda could not be more important or urgent” (6/26).