President’s FY14 USAID Budget Request Created By Collaborative Effort

“With the completion of [USAID Administrator Rajiv] Shah’s final congressional hearing on the FY 2014 President’s Budget Request for USAID [.pdf], I want to highlight that this budget reflects the development priorities of this administration while making difficult tradeoffs due to the constrained budget realities,” Dennis Vega, chief of staff in the Office of Budget and Resource Management, writes in USAID’s “IMPACTblog.” “A prime example of our commitment to maximize the effectiveness of USAID programs is the President’s Food Aid Reform Proposal,” he states, noting the reforms would feed up to four million more people worldwide each year. Vega describes the collaborative process involved in creating a budget proposal “focused on maximizing results for every dollar spent,” and writes, “This inclusive approach led to a resource request that reflects administration and USAID priorities, modernizes our development activities, and provides the most cost-effective and sustainable development.” He concludes, “[W]e will continue to work closely with Congress to enact a budget that supports our national security, promotes our economic interests, and alleviates human suffering” (5/8).