Post-2015 Must Address Poverty, Food Security

Mark Suzman, managing director for international policy, programs and advocacy at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, writes in the foundation’s “Impatient Optimists” blog, “Last week saw two key events related to the Millennium Development Goals: the kickoff on April 5 of an ambitious global campaign focused on accelerating progress over the last 1,000 days before the 2015 deadline and a critical meeting on April 4 in Madrid to assess how hunger, food security and nutrition should be tackled in any post-2015 framework.” Suzman discusses the development of possible goals surrounding agriculture and nutrition, continuing, “As the world rallies behind the next set of MDGs, whatever shape they take, it’s important to stay focused on the best investments we can collectively make to ensure a better chance at a productive life for as many of the world’s citizens as possible” (4/9).