Political Will Required To Address Childhood Malnutrition, Stunting In India

New York Times: Half the Kids in This Part of India Are Stunted
Nicholas Kristof, New York Times op-ed columnist

“…In a remarkable failure of democracy, India is the epicenter of global malnutrition: 39 percent of Indian children are stunted from poor nutrition, according to government figures (other estimates are higher). … Here in Uttar Pradesh, a vast state of 200 million people in India’s north, the malnutrition is even more horrifying. By the government’s own reckoning, a slight majority of children under age five in this state are stunted — worse than in any country in Africa save Burundi, according to figures in the 2015 Global Nutrition Report. … [W]hen hundreds of millions of children are unnecessarily malnourished, holding them back all their lives, that should be a global priority. … Manmohan Singh, India’s former prime minister, called child malnutrition ‘a national shame’ — but there’s still no political will to address it…” (10/15).