Pilot Malaria Vaccination Campaign Marks Milestone In Global Effort To Eliminate Malaria

The Lancet Infectious Diseases: Malaria vaccination: a major milestone
Editorial Board

“…The launch of the pilot RTS,S vaccination program in April marks a major milestone that could make a substantial difference in the push for malaria elimination in sub-Saharan Africa. … The integration of the RTS,S vaccine into the national immunization programs of Malawi, Ghana, and Kenya over the next 5 years is … an exciting moment for public health. … However, the partial protection RTS,S offers means that vaccination will be supplementary and not superior to existing malaria control campaigns such as the use of bednets and indoor residual spraying. Therefore, the RTS,S project should support ongoing malaria interventions in the target countries by integrating bednet distribution and malaria education. Malawi, Ghana, and Kenya are now cemented in the history of malaria control and the data these countries produce over the next 5 years will be invaluable to securing elimination” (6/1).