Papua New Guinea, WHO To Launch Nationwide Polio Vaccination Campaign After 10 Confirmed Cases

Al Jazeera: Papua New Guinea to launch nationwide polio vaccination campaign
“Papua New Guinea (PNG) is gearing up for a nationwide vaccination campaign to protect citizens against polio 18 years after the disease was eradicated from the country. The initiative, which is organized by the PNG government and the World Health Organization (WHO), is aimed at stopping the spread of the disease after 10 cases were confirmed in the country…” (9/11).

Radio New Zealand: Poor hygiene conditions heighten risk of polio in PNG
“A leading Papua New Guinea health official has warned that communities with poor water and sanitation conditions in the capital are most at risk of the spread of polio. A tenth case in PNG’s polio outbreak was in recent days confirmed in Port Moresby, the first to be registered in the capital…” (9/11).