Pakistan Records 134 Polio Cases In 2019, More Than 10 Times Number Reported In 2018

DAWN: Six new cases of wild polio virus detected across country bringing 2019 tally to 134
“Six new polio virus cases have emerged from different parts of Pakistan, increasing the overall tally for 2019 to 134. … The government has repeatedly said that polio eradication is one of its top priorities…” (1/9).

Outbreak News Today: Pakistan reports most polio cases in years in 2019
“Two countries in the world continue to report ongoing wild poliovirus transmission (WPV1) — Pakistan and Afghanistan. 2019 saw a big increase in WPV1 cases, particularly in Pakistan. During the past year, Pakistan saw it’s numbers of WPV1 cases rise to 134, more than 10 times the number reported in 2018 … This total is higher than recent years, when 54, 20, 8, and 12 cases were reported in from 2015-2018, respectively…” (1/9).