Pakistan Looks To India For Strategies To Eliminate Polio

News outlets examine Pakistan’s efforts to eliminate polio, as India marks three years without a reported case of the disease.

The News: Pakistan wishes to learn from India’s victory against polio
“Congratulating India on achieving the milestone of being polio-free for three consecutive years, Pakistan has expressed the desire to benefit from the experience of its eastern neighbor to fight out the vaccine-preventable disease…” (Achakzai, 1/16).

PTI News/ India is now ‘polio-free’; why is neighbour Pakistan still ‘polio-endemic’?
“Polio eradication in India has been possible only because of unwavering political will at the highest levels, adequate financial resources and technological innovations, Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad said after India completed three years without any polio case. … Now, Pakistan is the only polio-endemic country in the world that reported more cases of the crippling disease last year than in 2012…” (1/15).