Focus On ‘Better Nutrition’ Needed To Improve Global Malnutrition, Food Security

Project Syndicate: Putting Nutrition Back on the Menu
Eduardo Nilson, vice coordinator of food and nutrition at Brazil’s Ministry of Health

“…[W]ith obesity and diet-related diseases on the rise, and hunger and malnutrition affecting more people than ever before, scientists are focusing not only on how to feed the planet, but on what to feed it. … Fortunately, global efforts are underway to help humanity eat better. … But global summits and regional commitments are only part of the solution. If the world’s dietary devolution is to be corrected, at least three additional measures are urgently needed. First, people and policymakers must properly define what ‘nutrition’ means. … Second, bias in food science research needs to be addressed. … Finally, improving nutrition requires changing behaviors, policies, and attitudes toward food. … Dedicating ourselves to better nutrition … is the least that our bodies deserve” (2/7).