ODI Experts Examine ODA Transition Experiences Of 4 Countries

ODI: Moving away from aid: lessons from country studies
Rachael Calleja, senior research officer, and Annalisa Prizzon, senior research fellow, both at ODI, examine the ODA transition experiences of Botswana, Chile, Mexico, and the Republic of Korea. According to the summary, the report “presents research on the management of the transition from aid, cooperation with development partners when aid falls, and bi- and multilateral cooperation as countries approach ODA graduation. … A set of lessons, informed by the country studies, are outlined that are intended to be useful for other countries entering or progressing along the path towards ODA graduation, as well as for development partners to sustain outcomes and renew partnerships. This report forms part of a larger project that sets out to investigate country experiences of and key lessons from the transition and graduation from ODA” (December 2019).