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Obama Administration Seeks $200M Boost For President’s Malaria Initiative In FY17

Media sources discuss the Obama administration’s request for a funding increase for the President’s Malaria Initiative.

Devex: What can $200M buy in the fight to eradicate malaria?
“U.S. President Barack Obama delighted malaria fighters with his State of the Union pledge to ask the Congress for more money to help end the disease. Now the administration has released its budget request — and more details about what it will do with an extra $200 million. The additional funding would bring the President’s Malaria Initiative budget to $874 million for the next fiscal year, roughly a 30 percent increase over fiscal 2016. So what can $200 million buy you?…” (Igoe, 2/23).

Wall Street Journal: Obama Administration Plans to Expand Malaria Effort by $200 Million
“…The boost in funding for the President’s Malaria Initiative — which must be approved by Congress for fiscal 2017 — would expand malaria prevention and control services to 332 million people in West and Central Africa, or 92 percent of those at risk there, officials said. The money would also be used to help two countries eliminate malaria: Zambia, where the national government and multiple international organizations have developed a strong program, and Cambodia, an epicenter of emerging resistance by malaria-carrying parasites to antimalarial drugs…” (McKay, 2/22).

White House Blog: Mosquitoes and Malaria: Taking a Big Step Against a Small but Deadly Foe
Shaun Donovan, director of the Office of Management and Budget, writes, “…From our ongoing efforts to combat the Zika virus (which is also transmitted by mosquitoes), to joining our African partners in defeating Ebola, to fighting HIV/AIDS, promoting global health and global health security has been a cornerstone of President Obama’s foreign policy. And — in partnership with other governments, donors, multilateral organizations, and the broader public health community — we’ve come closer than ever to banishing the scourge of malaria from the planet…” (2/22).