Number Of Ebola Cases Near 9,000, Deaths Near 4,500, WHO Says

News outlets discuss the latest statistics from the WHO on reported Ebola cases and deaths.

Reuters: Ebola deaths near 4,500 as virus spreads in West Africa: WHO
“A total of 4,493 people have died from the world’s worst Ebola outbreak on record, and the situation in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone is deteriorating, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday…” (Giahyue et al., 10/16).

Wall Street Journal: Ebola Cases Nearing 9,000, Says WHO
“The Ebola outbreak is worsening in the three West Africa countries where the disease is concentrated, the World Health Organization said Wednesday, reporting the total number of cases was nearing 9,000. In an update, the United Nations health agency said 4,493 people had died of confirmed, suspected, or probable cases of Ebola, almost all of them in West Africa. A total of 8,997 cases have been reported…” (Morse, 10/15).