NPR Features Stories Examining Drug-Resistant TB

NPR features several stories examining drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) in Eastern Europe. On Monday’s “All Things Considered,” correspondent Jason Beaubien tells the story of a young couple from the Moldovan city of Balti. Both have been treated for drug-resistant TB, but the man, Pavel, “has extremely drug-resistant TB, or XDR-TB, a version of the infection that has become a growing problem around the world, particularly in India, Eastern Europe and Southern Africa,” NPR’s “Shots” blog writes (6/3). On Tuesday’s “Morning Edition,” Beaubien reports on the debate in Moldova “over whether infectious TB patients should be returned to sanitariums or be treated at home.” According to the transcript, Beaubien states, “Roughly 40 percent of tuberculosis cases in Moldova are now classified as multi-drug resistant, and MDR-TB can be extremely difficult to treat” (6/4). And on Tuesday’s “All Things Considered,” Beaubien continues his reporting from Moldova, discussing why TB is so rampant in Moldova and the challenges it creates. NPR’s “Shots” blog features portraits of TB patients (6/4).