High Prices Hinder Access To Improved Treatment For Drug-Resistant TB; Pandemic-Related Disruptions In HIV, TB, Cancer Programs Expected To Increase Deaths

Devex: High price excludes patients from better treatment for drug-resistant TB
“…Johnson & Johnson, which markets bedaquiline under the brand name Sirturo [for the treatment of drug-resistant TB], has been accused of employing unfair tactics in an attempt to retain the drug’s patent and tighten its grip on the monopoly. Critics say this maintains high prices and makes the drug inaccessible to many, despite the involvement and contribution of public and philanthropic institutions in its development…” (Langat, 6/25).

Guardian (Nigeria): COVID-19 disruptions may raise cancer, HIV, TB cases, deaths globally
“Researchers have predicted a sharp rise in cases and deaths associated with cancer, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and tuberculosis (TB) as a result of disruptions to health services by the COVID-19 pandemic globally. Also, mounting evidence from tissue studies and coronavirus patients suggest that the disease might trigger diabetes by damaging insulin-producing cells, even as the investigators established that persistent cough and fever were most prevalent symptoms associated with the novel virus…” (Muanya, 6/26).