Novel Coronavirus Pandemic, Trump Freeze On WHO Funding Have Implications For Global Efforts To Prevent, Treat Other Diseases, Including HIV, Polio

AP: Coronavirus could erode global fight against other diseases
“…As the world focuses on the [novel coronavirus] pandemic, experts fear losing ground in the long fight against other infectious diseases like AIDS, tuberculosis, and cholera that kill millions every year. Also at risk are decadeslong efforts that allowed the World Health Organization to set target dates for eradicating malaria, polio, and other illnesses…” (Ghosal et al., 4/16).

NBC: Trump move to end WHO funding would be ‘catastrophic’ for polio programs, experts warn
“If President Donald Trump carries out his threat to pull American funding for the World Health Organization, the impact on polio eradication efforts around the world could be ‘catastrophic,’ experts told NBC News on Wednesday…” (Marx, 4/15).

Washington Post: Global institutions are flailing in the face of the pandemic
“As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the world, institutions founded decades ago to organize and manage coherent responses to global crises seem to be flailing on the sidelines. … The question is not only whether the world order has stumbled but what direction it will take when the current crisis is over. Will there be a new appreciation of its importance, and a determination to make it work better? Or will pre-virus trends accelerate toward tighter borders, less cooperation, and a tilt toward nationalism? While no one knows the answer, many believe they know whom to blame for the global failure…” (DeYoung/Sly, 4/15).