NOVA Next, GroundTruth Project Series Interviews WHO DG Margaret Chan, Examines MERS In Jordan

Next Outbreak, a multimedia collaboration of the GroundTruth Project and NOVA Next in association with WGBH Boston, published two more articles in its series.

NOVA Next: Are We Prepared? An Exclusive Interview with WHO Director-General Margaret Chan
“…On the heels of the United Nations adopting new global development goals for 2030, Chan [on Monday] spoke before heads of state and public health advocates at UN headquarters. There she stressed the importance of building universal health coverage and resilient national public health systems. In an earlier interview with The GroundTruth Project and NOVA Next, Chan discussed how WHO should deal with emerging infectious diseases and drug resistance — and how the world should prepare itself for future pandemics…” (Silberner/Miley, 9/28).

NOVA Next: The Middle East’s Mystery Virus
“…Researchers are only just beginning to understand how MERS infects humans, with lingering questions about why certain populations that should be at high risk for the disease remain unscathed by it…” (Reznick, 9/23).