U.S. Program To Develop Ebola Treatment Halted By ‘Political Brinkmanship In Congress’ In 2012, NOVA Next Reports

NOVA Next: Ebola Drug Killed by Congressional Inaction Less than Two Years Before Outbreak
“A decade before last year’s Ebola epidemic, the United States Department of Defense embarked on a research program that eventually produced a promising drug to treat the disease, one that was fast-tracked for review by the Food and Drug Administration. Then, in late 2012, a year and a half before the first case of Ebola was reported in West Africa, the program was abruptly halted, the victim of political brinksmanship in Congress…” This article is part of the “Next Outbreak” series, a collaboration between NOVA Next and the GroundTruth Project in association with WGBH Boston (Calma, 10/14).