North Korea Experiences Small Improvements In Health Indicators But Challenges Remain, U.N. Report Shows

Deutsche Welle: In North Korea, stunted growth still rife among children
“A U.N. report published on Wednesday showed that malnourishment remained widespread in North Korea despite a ‘slight’ improvement across the country. Around one in five children in North Korea is smaller than the average for his or her age, the report said…” (6/20).

Reuters: Tackling North Korea’s chronically poor sewage ‘not rocket science’: U.N.
“North Korea has a problem with human waste which is threatening the health of its children, according to a rare survey of family life in the reclusive country by a U.N. agency that also praised Pyongyang’s ‘improved openness’ with data…” (Miles, 6/20).

U.N. News: Challenges remain in DPRK despite ‘slight’ improvements in health, wellbeing: UNICEF
“…According to the DPRK survey, nearly 40,000 severely malnourished children received treatment in 2017 and more than 700,000 youngsters and mothers took nutritional supplements last year. The survey, which was carried out with UNICEF’s support on the ground, also shows that one in five children was stunted in 2017, compared with more than one in four in 2012…” (6/20).