Nigeria To Mark 1 Year With No Recorded Polio Cases

The Guardian Nigeria: Cautious optimism as Nigeria marks one year without polio
“Notwithstanding warnings by experts and donor agencies that the country may not be certified until 2017, Nigeria [will Friday] be successfully marking one year without polio. However, President, Nigerian Academy of Science and Chairman Expert Review Committee on Polio Eradication and Routine Immunization, Oyewale Tomori yesterday in an interview with The Guardian warned against complacency…” (Anuforo, 7/22).

VOA News: Nigeria Beats Polio
“Nigeria has hit a major milestone. It is the latest country to rid itself of the scourge of polio, and the last country in Africa to do so. … Ellyn Ogden has worked on polio eradication for the past 17 years at USAID. She said national pride is what motivated the Nigerian government to push to end the transmission of the virus…” (Pearson, 7/21).