Niger Sees Polio Outbreak As Vaccination Suspended Amid COVID-19; U.K. Has 3rd Highest Death Toll From Virus; Brazil Sees Surge Of Cases; Yemen Records Cases For 1st Time


AP: U.N.: New polio outbreak in Niger after vaccination suspended (Cheng, 4/29).

CNN: South African health official: We can’t repeat HIV failures (McKenzie, 4/29).

Devex: Low coronavirus testing in Africa leads to blind spots: Africa CDC chief (Ravelo, 4/30).

The Guardian: Covid-19 could mark a deadly turn in Ghana’s fight against fake drugs (Knott, 4/30).

NPR: Commuting In A Pandemic: These Health Workers Are Trekking And Canoeing (Landman/Okereke, 4/29).

Reuters: ‘Test and trace’ has worked for us, Ghana’s president says (Felix, 4/29).

U.N. News: U.N. prepares for potentially devastating COVID-19 outbreak in conflict-ravaged northeast Nigeria (4/30).

Washington Post: Field hospitals meant for combat injuries converted for use in the battle against coronavirus (Morello, 4/30).


NPR: Taiwan’s Coronavirus Moment — And Delicate Balancing Act (Ruwitch, 4/29).

Reuters: India’s Serum Institute to make millions of potential coronavirus vaccine doses (Siddiqui/Kelland, 4/28).

Reuters: Japan preparing to extend coronavirus emergency for about a month: sources (Takemoto, 4/29).


AP: U.K. now has world’s third-highest virus-related death toll (Pylas/Lawless, 4/29).

Fox News: WHO: Sweden, which avoided mass coronavirus lockdowns, should be ‘model’ for the world (Givas, 4/29).

The Guardian: Third of U.K. Covid-19 patients taken to hospital die, study finds (Devlin, 4/29).

Reuters: Spain’s virus death tally lowest in weeks, but economy tanks (Luelmo et al., 4/30).


AP: As virus cases surge, Brazil starts to worry its neighbors (Calatrava et al., 4/30).

AP: Brazil leaves its many poor hanging amid coronavirus surge (Savarese et al., 4/29).

Reuters: Exclusive: Venezuela asks Bank of England to sell its gold to U.N. for coronavirus relief — sources (Pons et al., 4/29).


AP: U.N. warns that ‘tragedy beckons’ in Syria from virus (Lederer, 4/30).

New York Times: As Fighting Surges, Yemen Is Hit With 1st Cluster of Covid-19 Infections (Walsh, 4/29).

Reuters: Yemen records multiple coronavirus cases for first time; U.N. fears more (Mukhashaf et al., 4/29).

VOA: Humanitarian Group Warns Yemen Fighting Threatens COVID-19 Containment (4/29).


POLITICO: As death toll passes 60,000, Trump’s team searches for an exit strategy (Cancryn, 4/29).