Newsweek Examines Antimicrobial Resistance, Efforts To Develop Financial Incentives, Innovate New Disease-Fighting Methods

Newsweek: The Death Of Antibiotics: We’re Running Out Of Effective Drugs To Fight Off an Army of Superbugs
“…There’s little in the pharmaceutical pipeline to replace the antibiotics to which bugs are becoming resistant. That’s because development of a new antibiotic runs about $2 billion and takes about 10 years — with little hope of ending up with the sort of blockbuster drug that justifies such an investment. … Medical researchers are now searching for other approaches…” (Freedman, 5/15).

Newsweek: Doctors Are Running Out of Effective Drugs Because of Poor Financial Incentives to Develop Them
“…Although researchers have many good leads, the bigger problem is a lack of financial incentives to bring new treatments through the drug-development gantlet. ‘When I signed up to be an infectious disease specialist 25 years ago, I never thought it would come to this,’ says Helen Boucher, a physician at Tufts Medical Center in Boston and director of its infectious disease fellowship and heart transplant programs. Boucher has been a leading advocate for finding ways of investing in new treatments. She spoke with Newsweek about the drug-resistance problem and how we might dig our way out of it…” (Freedman, 5/15).