News Outlets Recognize World Malaria Day With Reports On Disease Treatment, Prevention

The Guardian: ‘When people come with severe malaria, it is like a race against time’
“In her 12-square-meter outpost in Ethiopia’s Oromia region, Nure Kieltaji represents the frontline in the fight against malaria. She works as a community health worker, one of two people offering basic primary health care to more than 1,000 people in her village Dembel Dildila…” (Kweifio-Okai, 4/25).

PBS NewsHour: How maps packed with data help scientists fight malaria
“…Epidemiologist Hugh Sturrock is trying to stamp out malaria in parts of Africa, and from his campus cubicle at the University of California San Francisco, he is trying to make high-tech maps of the risk of outbreaks of malaria, maps that will be crucial to effectively fighting the disease, but will be easy to use in the field…” (Michels, 4/24).