News Outlets Examine South Korea’s Response To MERS Outbreak, Treatment, Vaccine Development

International Business Times: MERS Outbreak 2015: Scientists Say A Treatment Is Possible, So Why Don’t We Have One?
“…Scientists say the disease, known as MERS, is easily treatable — but no treatment currently exists. Progress on lifesaving treatments has been impeded by the lack of profit potential for pharmaceutical companies, a scarcity of political will, and strained relationships with Saudi scientists…” (Nordrum, 6/9).

International Business Times: South Korea’s Response To MERS Outbreak 2015: Is Coronavirus As Scary As It’s Made Out To Be?
“…Some have suggested that the reason South Korea has taken such stringent steps to quell this outbreak is because of Asia’s experience with severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, in 2003, in which approximately 8,000 people were infected and 750 people died. But although MERS and SARS are both members of the coronavirus family, MERS appears — for now — to be far less contagious…” (Whitman, 6/9).

Wall Street Journal: Korea’s MERS Outbreak Highlights SARS Lessons
“South Korea’s initial stumble in dealing with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is a reminder of what experts say are important lessons from previous viral outbreaks in Asia: the need for a quick, comprehensive quarantine of those affected and proper information disclosure to the public…” (Gale/Jun, 6/9).