News Outlets Examine Public, Private Funding For Ebola, Other Disease Vaccine Research

News outlets discuss funding for research on vaccines for Ebola and other neglected diseases.

Bloomberg TV: Neglected Diseases: Who Should Pay for Vaccine Research?
“Christopher Egerton-Warburton, fund manager at Global Health Investment Fund, and Martin McKee of London School of Hygiene and Tropical Diseases discuss the lack of preparation and research into vaccines for Ebola and similar tropical diseases…” (10/20).

The Hill: Key Republican questions NIH on Ebola vaccine funding
“A key Republican in charge of congressional funding for the National Institutes of Health is questioning whether budget cuts are really preventing the agency from developing an Ebola vaccine…” (Shabad, 10/20).

ScienceInsider: Fauci and Collins agree to agree on Ebola vaccine development and NIH funding
“…As it turns out, Fauci and Collins agree that big pharma’s lack of interest in Ebola vaccine development is the main reason no product was ready for this epidemic…” (Cohen, 10/20).

Washington Post: A public dispute between NIH officials over Ebola
“Foes of medical research spending by the National Institutes of Health got a boost Sunday from an unlikely source: Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases…” (Milbank, 10/20).