New WHO Expert Panel To Set Global Guidelines For Human Genome Editing

NPR: World Health Organization Forms Committee To Guide Editing Of Human Genes
“The World Health Organization [on February 14] announced the formation of an international committee aimed at establishing uniform guidelines for editing human DNA in ways that can be passed down to future generations. The 18-member committee ‘will examine the scientific, ethical, social, and legal challenges associated with human genome editing,’ according to the WHO announcement…” (Stein, 2/14).

Wall Street Journal: WHO Reacts to Chinese Gene-Edited Twins With Plan for Global Guidelines
“…Core to their work will be understanding how to promote transparency and accountability within the scientific community, as well as what risk assessments should made before sign-offs are granted on such experiments. The WHO first said it wanted to develop such standards two weeks after a Chinese scientist stunned the world in November by saying he produced twin girls who are resistant to HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, using a nascent gene-editing tool…” (Rana, 2/21).