New Delhi Declares Pollution Emergency As Toxic Smog Worsens

New York Times: In India, Air So Dirty Your Head Hurts
“A toxic cloud has descended on India’s capital, delaying flights and trains, causing coughs, headaches, and even highway pileups, and prompting Indian officials on Wednesday to take the unprecedented step of closing 4,000 schools for nearly a week. Delhi has notoriously noxious air but even by the standards of this city, this week’s pollution has been alarming, reaching levels nearly 30 times what the World Health Organization considers safe…” (Schultz et al., 11/8).

Reuters: New Delhi declares emergency as toxic smog thickens by the hour
“The Indian capital declared a pollution emergency and banned the entry of trucks and construction activity as a toxic smog hung over the city for a third day on Thursday and air quality worsened by the hour. … ‘I’d like to assure people that the central government shall do everything possible to bring about improvement in air quality in Delhi and the Nation Capital Region,’ federal environment Minister Harsh Vardhan said as authorities faced criticism for failing to take steps to fight a problem that erupts every year…” (Miglani, 11/9).