New Beijing COVID-19 Outbreak Sign Of ‘New Normal’; West African Ministers Propose Phased Re-Openings; PAHO Officials Warn Of Growing Case Numbers In Latin America; Yemen Faces Civil War Amid Pandemic


AP: South Africa says 2 pandemics now, virus and gender violence (Cana, 6/17).

Bloomberg: China to Waive Some African Loan Payments Due This Year, Xi Says (Chen et al., 6/17).

Financial Times: African business steps up in global scramble for virus test kits (Munshi, 6/18).

Reuters: West African ministers propose phased re-opening of borders (Aboa, 6/17).

Xinhua: Botswana president calls for global partnerships in responding to COVID-19 (6/17).


New York Times: Beijing’s Partial Lockdown a Sign of the World’s New Normal (Buckley/Bradsher, 6/17).

Washington Post: Beijing’s new coronavirus outbreak carries an urgent message for the world (Taylor, 6/18).


AP: Russia starts clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine (Litvinova, 6/17).

New York Times: England’s ‘World Beating’ System to Track the Virus Is Anything But (Mueller/Bradley, 6/17).

POLITICO: Coronavirus gives new urgency to Europe’s obesity problem (Martuscelli et al., 6/17).

Reuters: Spanish king to lead July 16 ceremony for COVID-19 victims (Landauro, 6/17).

Reuters: England’s COVID-19 test and trace system reaches over 85,000 in two weeks (Smout, 6/18).

The Telegraph: Boris Johnson says ‘watch this space’ as he hints at reduction to 2m rule (Boycott-Owen, 6/17).

Wall Street Journal: Germany Sees Largest Local Covid-19 Outbreak Since Lifting Lockdown (Pancevski/Newman, 6/17).


NPR: President Of Honduras Tests Positive For Coronavirus, Vows To ‘Beat This Pandemic’ (Dwyer, 6/17).

Reuters: Exclusive: Peru miners restart pandemic-hit operations with mass testing, isolating workers (Aquino, 6/18).

Scientific American: Latin America Faces a Critical Moment in the Battle against COVID-19 (Ponchner, 6/17).


Al Jazeera: In Yemen, battling coronavirus during civil war (6/17).

Reuters: Many Jordanians struggling as country emerges from COVID-19 lockdown, U.N. agency says (Al-Khalidi, 6/17).


New York Times: With the Federal Health Megaphone Silent, States Struggle With a Shifting Pandemic (Stolberg et al., 6/17).