Nepal’s Earthquake Recovery Efforts Must Empower Local Participation, Link Acute Response To Long-Term Goals

The Guardian: Building a new Nepal: why the world must heed the lessons of Haiti
Prospery Raymond, Christian Aid’s country manager for Haiti

“…For those affected by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal, I have nothing but compassion and empathy. I have seen first-hand the extent of the pain and suffering brought by a disaster of such scale. … However, Nepal is not Haiti, and 2015 is not 2010. … If the past five years have demonstrated anything, it’s the importance of linking immediate and interim relief and rehabilitation work to longer-term development goals — Nepalese citizens must be empowered to participate in decisions over their own sustainable development. … Full recovery takes time, and the same will be true of Nepal in a few years, after the photographers, film crews, and aid agencies have moved on…” (5/6).