Nations Must Employ Multiple Tactics To Eliminate Polio By 2018

New York Times: Eradicating Polio Everywhere
“It has been three years since the last new case of polio was reported in India. The country can now be declared polio-free. India’s victory is an important milestone in the global effort to eliminate polio. … But the viral disease remains a threat. … [T]he number of countries where polio is present rose to eight from four between December 2012 and December 2013, with polio spreading out of Nigeria into the Horn of Africa and from Pakistan into the Middle East. … With eradication of polio so close, these nations need to redouble efforts to combat the disease. … India’s technical and logistical success and Pakistan’s efforts to enlist trusted local leaders are important examples to follow. All of these tactics will be necessary to eradicate polio in 2014 and to ensure that by 2018 this terrible virus is gone for good” (1/14).