More News In Global Health

Al Jazeera: Rwanda’s front line health supporters (Santoshini, 12/12).

The Economist: Tuberculosis kills more people than any other pathogenic illness (12/14).

ET HealthWorld: On Universal Health Coverage Day, India pledges to keep the promise (12/12).

Forbes: For Haiti, Victory Is in Sight in Fight Against Cholera (Buechner, 12/12).

Homeland Preparedness News: Partnership proposes $2.6B to stop, treat tuberculosis (Kovaleski, 12/12).

Newsweek: Smallpox Was Eradicated 40 Years Ago, So Why Are The U.S. And Russia Still Holding Stocks Of The Virus? (Gander, 12/13).

New York Times: In Pakistan Hospital, It Was Lawyers vs. Doctors. 3 Patients Died (Masood, 12/12).

NPR: A New HIV Vaccine Effort With A Different Kind Of Strategy (Huang, 12/12).

Reuters: Scientists home in on potential treatments for deadly Nipah virus (Kelland, 12/12).

Reuters: GSK’s ViiV seeks marketing license for baby-friendly HIV pill (Kelland, 12/13).

U.N. News: Unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Mali revealed in new report (12/12).

Wired: The War on Polio Just Entered Its Most Dangerous Phase (McKenna, 12/12).