National Plans To Reduce Spread Of Antimicrobial Resistance Lacking In Most Countries, WHO Report Says

Reuters: Most countries woefully unprepared to fight resistant superbugs: WHO
“Only 34 countries have national plans to fight the global threat of antibiotic resistance, meaning few are prepared to tackle ‘superbug’ infections which put even basic health care at risk, the WHO said on Wednesday…” (Kelland, 4/29).

WHO: WHO report finds systems to combat antibiotic resistance lacking
“…A new report, ‘Worldwide country situation analysis: Response to antimicrobial resistance,’ which outlines the survey findings, reveals that while much activity is underway and many governments are committed to addressing the problem, there are major gaps in actions needed across all six WHO regions to prevent the misuse of antibiotics and reduce spread of antimicrobial resistance…” (4/29).