Myanmar Clinic Operations Threatened As Australia Plans To Withdraw Funding, Devex Reports

Devex examines how “the Australian government’s decision to cut the foreign aid budget and integrate AusAID into the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade” is threatening to close “the award-winning Mae Tao Clinic on the Myanmar-Thailand border, established in 1989 to provide health services to thousands of refugees … if it doesn’t find new sources of funding.” According to Devex, “The clinic received AU$500,000 every year since 2010, comprising almost a quarter of its average donation coffers. But that money will dry up in December of this year.” Devex continues, “The Australian government’s decision to cut the clinic’s funding is based on two main reasons: failure to meet renewal requirements and the decision to support the refugee return policy of the Myanmar government.” The clinic is seeking additional funding from other sources, the news service notes (Santos, 11/5).