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More Than 25% Of Indian TB Patients Resistant To At Least One Drug, National Survey Shows

Economic Times: World TB Day: Over 25% TB patients in India are resistant to at least one anti-TB drug
“More than a quarter of tuberculosis patients in India are resistant to at least one commonly used drug to treat the disease, stated a new national survey conducted to understand the prevalence of drug-resistance among TB patients in the country. The survey reported high treatment failure and death rates of multi-drug resistant TB patients than the global level. The study, which places particular focus on multi-drug resistant TB among both new and previously treated patients, stated that a high number of MDR-TB patients were resistant to a class of antibiotics known as fluoroquinolone…” (Raghavan, 3/24).

The Hindu: A fourth of Indian TB patients are drug resistant
“…Among the 4,958 patients on whom drug susceptibility testing (DST) was conducted (necessary to find out if a person has drug-resistant TB), 28% had resistance to one or the other anti-TB drug, while 6.19% had multi-drug resistant (MDR) TB. … While this is the largest study of its kind, the survey does not reveal the national burden of DR-TB as it does not include data from patients being treated in the private sector…” (Krishnan, 3/25).