More News In Global Health

Deutsche Welle: World Health Organization: Malaria treatment stalls as funding flatlines (11/29).
U.N. News Centre: Malaria response at ‘crossroads,’ risks backward slide — U.N. (11/29).

The Guardian: Rohingya girls as young as 12 compelled to marry just to get food (MacGregor, 11/30).

Los Angeles Times: As parts of Zambia beat back malaria, the nation sets a lofty goal: zero transmissions (Simmons, 11/30).

PRI: A lack of clean and safe toilets leaves women vulnerable to rape and attacks (Tong, 11/29).

Quartz: Africa is the dumping ground for 40% of the world’s reported fake medicines (Chutel, 11/29).
U.N. News Centre: One in 10 medicines in developing countries substandard or falsified — U.N. health agency (11/29).