More News In Global Health

ABC Science: Women in climate change hotspots face greater burdens when under environmental stress (Lyons, 11/26).

AP: Red Cross reports new outbreak of dengue fever in Yemen (Lederer, 11/25).

AP: U.N. launches campaign against gender violence targeting rape (Lederer, 11/25).

BBC: Lassa fever ‘at risk’ Britons sent home from Sierra Leone (11/25).

Borgen Magazine: Improving Child Health in India (Nettles, 11/25).

Devex: Ronald Cohen on what’s needed to drive impact investment to lower-income countries (Saldinger, 11/26).

Devex: The impact of Egypt’s mass hepatitis C screening on health care workers (11/26).

Devex: Women at center of post-earthquake nutrition efforts in Nepal (Welsh, 11/26).

Devex: U.N. launches guidelines on disability inclusion in humanitarian action (Root, 11/25).

Xinhua: Somalia, U.N. launch campaign to vaccinate 1.7 mln children against measles, polio (11/26).

Xinhua: Nigeria vows to end HIV scourge by 2030 (11/26).

Xinhua: Polio cases in Philippines climbs to eight (11/25).

Xinhua: Kenya reports outbreaks of cholera, visceral leishmaniasis (11/25).