More News In Global Health

Al Jazeera: Nigeria urged to ban chaining people with mental health issues (11/11).

Borgen Magazine: Bill Gates on Decreasing Global Poverty (Dobson, 11/9).

Deutsche Welle: Drug addiction in Russia: Draconian laws instead of help (Kauschanski, 11/11).

Devex: A remote Congolese island offers a test case for improving the country’s health care (Lieberman, 11/8).

Devex: Q&A: OECD development director on how to prepare for ‘another Africa’ (Lieberman, 11/8).

The Guardian: ‘Geography is a problem’: slowing the silent spread of HIV in the Amazon (Collyns, 11/11).

Health Policy Watch: Italian Health Minister Moves To Replace Key Architect of WHA Resolution On Drug Price Transparency (Fletcher, 11/7).

Homeland Preparedness News: Johns Hopkins named WHO Collaborating Center for health security (Kovaleski, 11/8).

New York Times: The Hidden Cost of Gold: Birth Defects and Brain Damage (Paddock, 11/9).

NPR: The Controversy Around Virginity Testing (Martin, 11/10).

The Telegraph: As malaria sweeps Burundi, a refugee camp in Rwanda has slashed cases by 80 percent. How? (Andresen, 11/6).

Xinhua: WHO calls for inclusive platforms to global health targets (11/11)

Xinhua: Interview: China’s progress in maternal health crucial lesson for Africa: Board Chair of PMNCH (11/10).