More News In Global Health

ABC: Predicting — and preventing — future pandemics (Swan/Bullen, 10/7).

AFP: Edible sensor helps TB patients take their meds: study (10/4).

Al Jazeera: WHO to hold Philippines summit after polio outbreak (Alindoga, 10/7).

Bloomberg: Female Leadership in Global Health (10/4).

CNN: Half of India couldn’t access a toilet 5 years ago. Modi built 110M latrines — but will people use them? (Regan/Suri, 10/5).

Devex: Q&A: Prioritizing primary health care for UHC (10/7).

Global Health NOW: Diabetes on the Rise in Senegal (Nye, 10/4).

Reuters: Kenya struggles to cope with growing number of heroin users (Fick, 10/7).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Fewer children, fewer climate risks? Niger ponders a controversial option (Malo, 10/7).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Celebrity HIV disclosures whittle away at stigma (Greenhalgh, 10/4).

U.N. News: FIFA and U.N. kick off healthy living campaign, to harness global game’s ‘huge potential’ (10/4).

USA TODAY: Diseases like West Nile, EEE and flesh-eating bacteria are flourishing due to climate change (Weise, 10/5).

Xinhua: WHO expresses concern over growing threat of obesity in western Pacific region (10/7).

Xinhua: Cambodia’s top court upholds 25-year prison term for doctor who infected people with HIV (10/5).