More News In Global Health

BBC: Leishmaniasis: Tropical skin disease afflicts Kenyan communities (Juma et al., 10/2).

DW: The 77 Percent — The need to tackle Nigeria’s population boom (Krippahl, 10/1).

The Lancet HIV: Populism threatens Brazil’s HIV/AIDS response (Daniels, October 2019).

New Humanitarian: Ten reports from U.N. General Assembly week worth noting (Parker, 10/1).

U.N. News: WHO and UNICEF in campaign to protect 1.6 million in Sudan from cholera (10/1).

U.N. News: Strict alcohol laws which cut intake more than 40 per cent in Russia, linked to historically high life expectancy (10/1).

VOA: Botswana to Offer Free HIV Medicine to Foreign Sex Workers (Dube, 10/1).