More News In Global Health

Al Jazeera: Libya: Attack on field hospital near Tripoli kills five doctors (7/28).

Associated Press: Africa’s booming cities face a severe toilet crisis (Muhuzuma, 7/27).

Borgen Magazine: Obesity in Mexico (McClurg, 7/27).

CNBC: Rising temperatures will put 1 billion more people at risk of infectious disease, Morgan Stanley warns (Stevens, 7/27).

Devex: Uzbekistan tests innovative financing model for hepatitis (Root, 7/29).

Dawn/HuffPost: An HIV Outbreak Hit One Of Pakistan’s Poorest Districts — And Infected Over 700 Children (Jajja, 7/26).

Fox News: Women plastic surgeons in Africa leading charge against most underreported health epidemic impacting males (McKay, 7/27).

Health Policy Watch: React Africa 2019: Universal Health Coverage Can Help Combat Antimicrobial Resistance (Kamadi, 7/25).

NPR: How To Bring Cancer Care To The World’s Poorest Children (Adams, 7/26).

PRI: From measles to the flu, more Turkish parents are saying no to vaccines (Neumann, 7/26).

SciDev.Net: Feces to fertilizer: innovations to solve the world’s toilets crisis (Vesper, 7/26).

The Telegraph: Fears over Muslim parents withdrawing children from ‘non-halal’ flu vaccine (Gardner, 7/28).

USA TODAY: A teeny-tiny arm implant could, one day, prevent HIV for a full year (Hines, 7/26).

VOA News: Consistency Key to Fighting Malaria With Insecticide-Treated Bed Nets (Hensley, 7/26).

Xinhua News: Viral hepatitis epidemic effectively controlled in China: official (7/27).