More News In Global Health

ABC: ‘We need more money’: Fight to eradicate AIDS, malaria, and TB rages on (Kelly, 6/20).

Associated Press: U.N. health agency to remove controversial opioid guidelines (Galofaro, 6/19).

BBC News: Why are women declining this surgery? (Bryce/Udobang, 6/19).

CIDRAP News: Urban wildlife may add to antibiotic resistance threat (Soucheray, 6/19).

Devex: Humanitarian organizations push evidence-based response in South Sudan (Mednick, 6/20).

The Guardian: How lychees are linked to encephalitis risk in malnourished children (Dhillon, 6/19).

PBS NewsHour: Why another flu pandemic is likely just a matter of when (Brangham/Wellford, 6/18).

PRI: A new report on the Rohingya crisis reveals systemic problems within the U.N. (6/19).

Reuters: In first for Gabon, Dorothee finally feels like a woman after surgery (Obangome/Cocks, 6/20).

South China Morning Post: Nobel Prize winner Tu Youyou may have found solution to malaria drug resistance (Yan, 6/17).

The Telegraph: Migratory birds may be spreading superbugs, researchers warn (Gulland, 6/20).