More News In Global Health

ABC News: A reflection on living through Africa’s HIV/AIDS epidemic (Masuku, 5/2).

Associated Press: U.N. says 1.7 million Somalis will face major food insecurity (5/1).

Borgen Magazine: U.S. Foreign Assistance to Honduras (Lagattuta, 5/1).

Devex: The limits of Africa’s malaria vaccine pilots (Adepoju, 5/2).

The Guardian: Risk of obesity can be accurately predicted in babies, study finds (Boseley, 5/1).
The Telegraph: 12 signs to predict if your baby will be overweight by age 10 (Donnelly, 5/2).

The Lancet HIV: Legal reforms signal a change in India’s HIV response (Cousins, May 2019).

Reuters: Honduras Congress stalls reforms after violent protests (Palencia/Shrank, 4/30). Drug-Resistant Infections Could Kill 10 Million People Annually by 2050 (Solly, 5/1).

Xinhua News: South Sudan steps up fight against measles, polio (5/2).