More News In Global Health

ABC: Poo and polio: How researchers are using one to find the other (Kearney, 2/21).

Agence France-Presse: Desperate measures: Pakistani women seek abortions as birth control (2/18).

BMJ: Lassa outbreak: WHO warns of unusually rapid spread in Nigeria (Dyer, 2/19).

Devex: New coalition harnesses ‘radical collaboration’ for community health (Cheney, 2/18).

The Guardian: Study of Brazil favela stricken by Zika shows dengue may protect against virus (Phillips, 2/18).

Nature: Faster, better, cheaper: the rise of CRISPR in disease detection (Maxmen, 2/19).

Popular Science: Children suffer more from air pollution, but our policies don’t reflect that (Wetsman, 2/20).

Quartz: An anti-vax religious group apologized for its role in a major measles outbreak in Japan (Steger, 2/21).

Reuters: ‘Two is enough,’ Egypt tells poor families as population booms (Masri, 2/20).

SciDev.Net: Rapid drug-resistant TB tests needed to cut deaths (Odhiambo, 2/20).

The Telegraph: New cholera tracking tool could provide more accurate picture of outbreaks (Newey, 2/20).

The Telegraph: Clamor for vaccines as measles outbreak kills nearly 1,000 children in Madagascar (Blomfield, 2/20).

The Telegraph: ‘Reborn’ typhoid vaccine to be introduced in Zimbabwe in a bid to halt drug resistance (Gulland, 2/19).

U.N. News: Biggest ever U.N. aid delivery in Syria provides relief to desperate civilians (2/15).

Xinhua News: Cambodia sees zero death from malaria for 1st time last year (2/20).

Xinhua News: Kenya urges Africa to reinforce surveillance on malaria drug resistance (2/15).