More News In Global Health

Associated Press: Iran earthquake survivors, sleeping on rubble, ask for help (Karimi/Nasiri, 11/15).

Global Health NOW: One Global Health Leader’s Non-Traditional Path (Simpson, 11/13).
Global Health NOW: “A Really Big Change”: Global Health Leader Marian Wentworth (Simpson, 11/14).

New York Times: U.N. Climate Fund Promised Billions to Poor Nations. For Some, the Wait Is Long (Tabuchi, 11/16).
New York Times: At U.N. Climate Conference, Treading Lightly Around the Americans (Friedman/Plumer, 11/15).

Reuters Health: Physicians may be biased against research from poor nations (Cohen, 11/15).

STAT: Rare strain of gonorrhea identified in Canada, compounding fears of drug resistance (Branswell, 11/16).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Could giant rats help fight tuberculosis in major cities? (Kanso, 11/15).
Yahoo News: The hero rats of Africa sniff out land mines — and TB infections (Conley, 11/14).

U.N. News Centre: Viet Nam: Children at risk of malnutrition in aftermath of Typhoon Damrey, reports UNICEF (11/15).

Xinhua News: 925,000 suspected cholera cases in Yemen as supplies run out: U.N. (11/16).