More News In Global Health

Canadian Press/The Star: ‘Hell’ of fighting drug-resistant tuberculosis cause some patients to abandon treatment (Sagan/Kane, 6/29).

Global Press Journal: In DRC, Married Women Receive Preferential Access to Birth Control (Mutombo, 6/25).

Newsweek: Remote Amazon Yanomami Tribe Threatened by Measles Outbreak (Spear, 7/5).

NPR: VIDEO: Are We Headed Toward A Post-Antibiotic World? (Beaubien, 7/2).

NPR: ‘Unimaginable’ Suffering In South Sudan. Is There Any Hope? (Lu, 7/5).

NPR: Trying To Stop Suicide: Guyana Aims To Bring Down Its High Rate (Rawlins/Bishop, 6/29).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: India’s ‘worst water crisis in history’ leaves millions thirsty (Banerji, 7/6).

U.N. News: Yemen: ‘No justification for this carnage,’ says UNICEF chief, as children in need now outnumber population of Switzerland (7/3).

VOA News: 1.3 Million Afghan Children at Risk From Polio (Gul, 7/2).

Xinhua News: Hunger, malnutrition reach record levels in South Sudan: U.N. official (6/29).

Xinhua News: WHO urges Kenya to increase domestic investment to eradicate TB (7/4).