More News In Global Health

Associated Press: Measles spreads in Brazil after cases come from Venezuela (7/4).

Devex: Nigeria tackles cholera outbreak using housecalls, jingles, and health advisories (Unah, 7/5).

Devex: Cities and NCDs: Montevideo’s menu for reducing sodium intake (Ravelo, 7/4).

The Guardian: Breakthrough made in fight to end virginity testing in Afghanistan (Kelly, 7/5).

The Guardian: Brazil: measles outbreak that infected 500 may devastate indigenous people (Phillips, 7/3).

News Deeply: Concerns Over Nigerian Private Sector’s Role in Ending Malnutrition (Udobang, 7/3).

Newsweek: Zika Virus Might Still Pose a Silent Threat to Pregnant Women (Spear, 7/3).

New York Times: U.N. Reports Sharp Increase in Children Killed or Maimed in Conflicts (Sugiyama, 6/27).

Sydney Morning Herald: ‘Disease of poverty’: Malaria ‘back with a vengeance’ in Australia’s closest neighbors (Aubusson, 6/30).

U.N. News: Food safety critical to development and ending poverty: FAO deputy chief (7/2).

USA TODAY: Egypt pushes population control: ‘Two is Enough’ (Wirtschafter/Nader, 7/5).