More News In Global Health

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Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health Magazine: Empowering Women to Protect and Improve Their Own Health (Belz, Summer 2018).

IRIN: U.N. fears new Syrian offensive could strand up to 200,000 civilians (Parker, 6/25).

NPR: Logos On Aid Supplies: Helpful, Demeaning … Or Dangerous? (Gharib, 6/25).

Wall Street Journal: Global DNA Collection Kicks Off in Africa, Aiming to Decode Psychiatric Disease (Whalen, 6/25).

Washington Post: What if a pandemic hit the U.S. — are we ready? (Blakemore, 6/24).

Xinhua News: Africa to advance momentum in SDGs implementation, explore additional resources (6/25).

Xinhua News: Zambia says tobacco is greatest public health threat (6/26).