More News In Global Health

Agence France-Presse: Ultra-secure lab in Gabon equipped for Ebola studies (6/19).

The Guardian: These Guatemalan women save mothers and babies. Why are they treated so badly? (Johnson, 6/20).

The Guardian: The doctor from Myanmar faced with 1 million patients and a plague of rats — podcast (Lamble/Stephens, 6/20).

Homeland Preparedness News: Nuclear Threat Initiative launches new advisory group (Kovaleski, 6/19).

The Namibian: AIDS deaths drop from 10,000 to 4,000 (Kabozu, 6/20).

New York Times: The Five Conflicts Driving the Bulk of the World’s Refugee Crisis (Specia, 6/19).

New York Times: Where a Taboo Is Leading to the Deaths of Young Girls (Gettleman, 6/19).

NPR: The Food Insecurity Of North Korea (Chisolm, 6/19).

Pulitzer Center: Providing Cancer Care in Haiti (Corrigan, 6/19).

VOA News: Kenya Seeks to Boost Girls’ Education by Providing Free Sanitary Products (Ombuor, 6/19).

Washington Post: Gazans have survived years of war. Now depression is killing them (Cunningham, 6/20).